Hi! I’m Yatendra Kaushik.

A Tech Cum Serial Entrepreneur.

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In eighth grade, my grandfather presented me with a precious gift that would change my life forever – a laptop. Little did I know that this gift would become the catalyst for my entrepreneurial journey.

In the eighth grade, armed with my new laptop, I embarked on a self-learning journey in the vast realm of programming. Driven by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, I delved into various programming languages and taught myself the intricacies of coding. It was during those formative years that I realized the immense power and potential that lay within the world of technology.

As I progressed through my academic journey, I yearned for an opportunity to apply my newfound skills and bring my ideas to life. In twelfth grade, I took the plunge and launched my first venture. Although it started with promise and enthusiasm, unforeseen legal troubles soon besieged my fledgling company. Despite the setbacks, this experience taught me valuable lessons about the complexities of the business world and the importance of proper legal guidance.

Undeterred by the challenges I faced, I knew deep down that my passion for technology and entrepreneurship was unwavering. Determined to make a positive impact, I set out to found my own company. With a vision to transform education through technology, I established a Learning Management System (LMS) developing company – TechNet LMS. Through this venture, we aimed to empower educators by providing them with innovative tools and platforms for enhanced teaching solutions and many other additional services such as marketing & product design consultancy.

Embracing the rapidly evolving mobile landscape, I also founded a mobile-tech company – PhoneDalal. It serves as a one-stop destination for all your smartphone news needs. From highly anticipated flagship devices to cutting-edge mid-range options, we cover it all. Our dedicated team scours the market, conducts in-depth research, and analyzes the specifications, features, and performance of each smartphone to provide you with accurate and unbiased insights.

Apart from this, I also actively engage in angel investing, supporting various startups on their path to success. As an angel investor, my mission is to identify promising ventures, provide them with the necessary resources, and contribute to their growth and development.

Currently, my journey continues, fueled by a deep passion for technology, innovation, and making a difference in the world. Every day brings new opportunities, challenges, and chances to learn and grow. I remain committed to pushing boundaries, embracing change, and leaving a lasting legacy in the realm of technology and entrepreneurship.

From the humble beginnings of receiving a laptop as a gift from my grandfather to self-learning programming, navigating legal hurdles, and founding successful companies, my startup story is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams.


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My Motto is to make money while I sleep.

My Companies.


Technet ventures

Introducing TechNet Ventures, your comprehensive LMS solutions cum marketing & product design consultancy provider. 



Stay in the loop with Phonedalal, your ultimate source for the latest smartphone news and updates & developments.

I can be your angel investor.


In addition to my companies, I found a sense of fulfillment in supporting aspiring entrepreneurs. Recognizing the challenges faced by fellow innovators, I extended my services to provide funding up to 25 lakhs INR. By offering financial support and mentorship, I aimed to empower budding startups and contribute to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.